A Quieter Neighbor Is A Better Neighbor

Posted on August 2nd, 2009 by Editor in Noise Abatement

A Quieter Neighbor Is A Better Neighbor

White Rock Quarry’s Good Neighbor Policy recognizes the simple fact that no one wants to put up with loud noises at their home or business. It’s why we go to a great deal of effort and expense to reduce the noise that leaves our facility.

Just how loud will the proposed Vincent Hills Quarry be?

For the answer, we rely on science rather than speculation or sensationalism. And when we take such an approach, the data indicate that the sound from quarry operations will be virtually undetectable above normal household activities. (see graph, below)

Consider these facts that support that conclusion, referring to the attached chart of the sound level of normal household activities:

  • Data collected at a quarry similar to the one proposed at Vincent Hills, but with NO berm, showed average sound levels of 50.3 dBA (a measure of sound levels) in winter (when there is little vegetation) and 32.3 dBA in spring at a distance of 2900 feet. These levels would be reduced somewhat simply because the nearest residence to Vincent Hills is 3,000 feet.
  • A 40-foot berm will be constructed around the perimeter of the quarry as the quarry expands, which will reduce the sound levels from quarry operations by an additional 20-25 dBA. Referring to the chart, we can see that this level is below that of most household activities.

White Rock is willing to commit to use the following techniques to further reduce noise from its operations:

  1. Locate the crusher 60 feet down in the quarry.
  2. Load all trucks inside the bermed area and in a covered bin area, further reducing sound levels.
  3. Employ the best blasting practices, as outlined in this article.

At its facility near Doral, Florida, residences are considerably closer to the quarry,  yet it still peacefully coexists with high-end residential developments.

White Rock pledges to be just as good a neighbor at Vincent Hills, while adding additional technology that has now become available.

Separate the rock solid facts from the fiction, and it’s easy to see why the Vincent Hills Quarry makes sense for the community.

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sound level comparisons

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