What Will the Proposed Vincent Hills Quarry Do To Property Values?

Posted on August 3rd, 2009 by Editor in Property Values

What Will the Proposed Vincent Hills Quarry Do To Property Values?

One of the scare tactics opponents of the proposed Vincent Hills Quarry have used is the idea that locating a quarry in Vincent will lower property values in the area.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For example, the high-end homes you see in the photograph to the right were all built long after White Rock Quarries located in the area.

But we don’t have to go to Florida to see that property values are not lowered by the presence of a quarry. Just look at other Shelby County communities with quarries. In Alabaster, home prices rose 45.8% in ten years. That’s considerably more than the 34.8% rise experienced in Shelby County as a whole.

In Calera, another community with active quarry operations, the increase has been 39%, proving that communities with quarries are not experiencing a lowering of their property values but rather a faster rate of increase than the county as a whole!

And in Helena, home prices rose an amazing 70.6% over the same ten year period, 1998-2008, and the increase came during the period a local quarry doubled its size there–clearly indicating that quarries do not decrease property values.

But perhaps the best evidence that the presence of quarries in a community are not a deterrent to a high quality of life can be seen in this year’s feature in Money Magazine in which that publication chose the Best 100 Places to Live in America.

That study concluded that Alabaster, Calera and Helena are all among the Top 100 Best Places in America to live.

Like so many other scare tactics, this one simply doesn’t hold water.

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