Low Impact Lighting Preserves the Night Sky

Posted on August 1st, 2009 by Editor in Low Impact Lighting

Low Impact Lighting Preserves the Night Sky

Among the many false charges leveled against the proposed Vincent Hills Quarry is the idea that it will cause light pollution or block out the night sky.

Here, as in so many other areas, White Rock Quarries is going above and beyond all laws and regulations in order to be a good neighbor to the community.

The fact is Vincent Hills Quarry will not significantly impact the night sky. Here’s why:

If approved, Vincent Hills will install high pressure, low sodium light fixtures that are designed to direct light downwards, to light only specific areas and to use the least light for the greatest efficiency. The output of these lighting fixtures is at a wavelength near the peak sensitivity of the human eye, which means they get the most result for the least amount of light.

This photograph shows White Rock’s current mining facility in Florida. Note how the light only illuminates the work areas. Nearby areas remain completely dark.

Additionally, the installation of a 40-foot high berm, the natural topography of the site and the existing tree buffers will limit the amount of light going offsite.

Like so many other false claims about Vincent Hills, this one just doesn’t hold up in the light of day.

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