How Do We Know White Rock Will Keep Promises?

Posted on October 26th, 2009 by Editor in Legal Safeguards

How Do We Know White Rock Will Keep Promises?

Fact is, White Rock Quarries won’t have any choice. There will be two separate legal safeguards to ensure that the new quarry delivers on its promises concerning everything from dust suppression to landscaping.

When it comes to making certain White Rock Quarries makes good on its promises to protect the environment, you could rely on the company’s remarkable performance record.

As a family-owned business, White Rock Quarries takes pride in being a responsible operator and a good corporate citizen.

But, when all is said and done, you don’t have to rely on that to know that White Rock will make good on its promises to the people and the Town of Vincent.

Because you’ll have not just one, but two sets of legal safeguards you can count on.

First, there are the safeguards built into the zoning process itself. Since the quarry will be designated a “Special District,” White Rock will be required to operate the quarry in compliance with the terms and conditions of that zoning.

This includes the restrictions you’ve read in these pages, including limitations on how the property can be used, the creation of a 20-40 foot berm and required landscaping.

And, if you’re thinking the company can renege on these promises once the quarry is up and running, you’re wrong.

If it did so, the Town of Vincent would be within its legal rights to suspend it’s zoning status to ensure compliance.

That’s safeguard number one.

But it’s only the beginning.

In addition to restrictions that are part of the Special District zoning, White Rock Quarries will also enter into a Land Development Agreement with the Town.

This separate agreement will be a binding contract, including requirements for noise abatement, dust suppression, limits on blasting, paving of roads and more–right down to the washing of wheels on the few trucks that will be used.

Should the company violate the terms of this contract, it can be taken to court and forced to comply.

That’s safeguard number two.

In other words, the Town of Vincent will have two legally enforceable ways to make sure the quarry is operated exactly the way White Rock has promised.

Even Lighting Will Be Covered

White Rock’s Good Neighbor Policy requires the use of high pressure, low sodium lighting that directs light downward, lighting only the necessary work areas within the quarry.

We go to such lengths because we care. But, once again, you won’t have to rely on our word for it. For instance, the Development Agreement will even specify the type of lighting fixtures to be used in the facility.

It’s just one more rock solid fact you can rely on.

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