Vincent Hills Will Go to Extraordinary Lengths to Ensure Good Air Quality

Posted on August 1st, 2009 by Editor in Air Quality

Vincent Hills Will Go to Extraordinary Lengths to Ensure Good Air Quality

White Rock Quarries is committed to use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure good air quality in the area surrounding Vincent Hills.

The proposed Vincent Hills Quarry will obtain and remain in compliance with all required local, state and federal air permits, including those for visible emissions and fugitive dust.

But that’s only the beginning of our commitment.

We are willing to make many additional and extraordinary investments in technology to maintain quality air.

Among the steps we will take:

  • Use the latest dust suppression technologies, designed by an industry leading engineering firm.
  • Locate the primary crusher 90-100 feet down in the quarry.
  • Cover all conveyors and transfer points
  • Employ wet suppression and fugitive dust collection techniques to keep any dust–even on our own property–to a bare minimum.
  • Construct a 40′ berm around the perimeter of the quarry as the quarry expands, assuring that each section of the berm is in place at the proper time to prevent the public from seeing the quarry and to further minimize dust.
  • Wash wheels of all trucks prior to exiting the property (although only approximately 5% of product will be transported via trucks).
  • Require all trucks leaving the property to use tarps.
  • Pave the exit road and use a sprinkler system to control dust.
  • Collect dust and use it as a recovered product.
  • Design all blasting to minimize dust.
  • Adjust the blasting schedule during periods of high winds.

Some opponents of the quarry have erroneously claimed that quarry operations could release a kind of silica into the air that can cause cancer. This is absolutely not correct. Any trained geologist will tell you that the silica found in Alabama is amorphous silica, which is not carcinogenic.

Those are the rock solid facts about air quality and the proposed Vincent Hills quarry. Please share them with your friends.

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